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Name Change

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while and decided it’s probably best to get it done as soon as possible… I’m changing the blog’s name. I kind of feel like it’s outgrown the name Incoherent Clarity, seeing as though (let’s be honest) it’s pretty much just a music blog now. So I’ve decided to go with Sound Mind, which I think is a pretty solid pun. (There are a few blogs out there with the same name, but none focus on the same thing/seem to be that active these days…)

I still might chuck out the occasional book review on this blog – or something literature-y – but music is definitely going to be the main focus. In terms of personal stuff, like my creative writing and all that, I may choose to start up a second blog further down the line. (As I promised a travel blog to a few people as well.) But for now – SOUND MIND. Let’s see how this goes…